Ian Flemming's Goldeneye

Mid winter, no matter how much I enjoy wearing my Sorel boots and seeing the snowflakes fall into a warm cup of a chai latte, I miss the sun on my skin.

There's a lot of favorites about this season, big, comfy sweaters being more forgiving of an extra pound or five, snow days and Netflix marathons.

But sometime mid February, I dream of sunny beaches and enjoying warm waters in the tropics. Somewhere where a frozen drink doesn't seem inappropriate...

For all my friends and family, they know the level of obsession with James Bond I have is close to unhealthy, so when in need of a mental gateway, there's nothing more perfect than the location in Jamaica, where Ian Flemming wrote all of his novels.

I'd recommend a fantastic documentary on the subject, titled Everything or Nothing about the legacy Flemming left behind.

Ian Flemming loved Jamaica and it inspired him for many years to use the backdrop for Bond's character. The villa he lived and wrote in was owned by many people throughout the decades but in recent years it has been owned by a record executive with deep roots in Jamaican music culture.

Dr.No was filmed on the island itself, and to many Bond fans Jamaica always holds as the paradise that started it all.

What I wouldn't give for a quick gateway from New York to Goldeneye right now. To sit at the desk Flemming used and touch the keys of his typewriter and later enjoy a martini on the James Bond Beach. One can dream...

Till next Time! Nina