But first, coffee...

Growing up in Europe, my obsession with coffee began at a really young age, almost inappropriately young age. Adults in my family used to gather every day, for a cup of coffee. Drinking that cup, smelling the aroma, knowing everyone's way of drinking it, was a ritual. It meant joining "the circle", it meant participating in gossip feasts, discussing politics, soccer matches, holiday gatherings and countless other social occasions. How else will you know the party is almost over if not for coffee?

You can tell so much about a person by the way they take their coffee. Bold and black, means you're a purist, extra milk and sugar means you love to day dream. Weak coffee meant you're probably going to drink more cups in a row and you're in for a slow awakening.

Coffee is my love. Every morning begins with a cup, and it never feels officially as if the morning had begun, until that first cup has seen the bottom of a mug.

I have been chasing a perfect cup of coffee throughout Manhattan, and would love to share some of my favorite spots with you. I encourage you to try these special cup of jo spots and share your thoughts with me.

My go to coffee spot in TriBeca had always been at an Italian baker, Grandaisy Bakery. Located at 250 West Broadway, the morning perfection of well brewed coffee, paired with pistachio pastry, is an orgasmic way to start your day. Their egg sandwich is also a party in my mouth and only their bold morning roast is also invited. Crispy, fresh baked whole grain bread with hard boiled eggs, dill and herb mayo, capers and sea salt satisfies every Eastern European need for cornishons and eggs in the morning.

While shopping in SoHo, I can never resist the radiant decor of Dominique Ansel Bakery on Spring Street. They've won every award for every delicious item on their spectacular menu, and the coffee... well, it pairs perfectly with sunny decor, almond croissants and a copy of the latest Saveur magazine.

My latest discovery since I begun spending more time in the West Village, has been Jack's Stir Brew. It's a real neighborhood spot where baristas know your name and the size of your favorite order. It also fools you by appearing real charming and homey, but they take their coffee very seriously. My fave on the list is the Stella and Mad Max. Make it a double, make it with organic maple syrup and pass on the scone.

Jack's is located on 138 W 10th St. And if you run into Elvis Costello or Sarah Jessica Parker, play it cool.

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