There's something magical about a table set up for a dinner party.

Most hostesses don't get to enjoy the beautiful set up before guests arrive as they are rushing about in the kitchen, plating and feeling the pressure of the clock.

I myself love table decorating and even more so hosting my friends and family for dinners and brunches.

Any occasion is a brand new chance to pick out flowers, scouring Etsy for last minute decorating objets des curiosities.

Vintage cake server for Gummy Bears and Twizzlers in grandmother's butter dish? Oui, si vous plait!

Tea Party for One!

In the world of Grey Gardens, we can't all live in the perfect world where every dinner party deserves most beautiful (and costly!) flower arrangements. Not all get to be Carole or Jackie, some of us get to be Little Eddie or Big Eddie. 

I invite you to explore the delicate art of table setting, for you and your loved one, because we all want to be a part of high society for an evening. Maybe because it's a Wednesday! 

Or because your pen exploded in your favorite bag and the silk lining was pastel pink! 

Who cares? Treat yourself!

Love me violet, love me not!

Mint, gold, it's a party for two!

 Outdoor Party, simplicity at its best

Green with Envy!

No need to serve a five course meal, sometime the more unexpected the better! 

Elegant table setting? Serve baked mac' n' cheese and pigs in the blanket. 
Loving understated elegance? Serve macarons! If only for their beautiful, rainbow colors.

Just teleport me now!

This time of the year, the sun disappearing so quickly, the frigid temperatures and lack of outdoor seating at Juliette makes me think of comforts of tea.

After-all, what's better than Harney and Sons Tropical Green Tea, or better yet... a tea bar designed to tickle every sense. Because life is that wonderful!

Beverage Bar for Winter Blahs!

Til Next Time!